The Modern Hippie and the Modern Herb

For most, the words hippie and festivals automatically correlates with getting high. Although this may have been the case back in the 1960’s, this isn’t always the case for the modern hippie. Don’t get me wrong there are still plenty of ganja smokers out there, but in today’s day and age it is not always necessary to get high in order to live a life guided by peace, love, and environmental consciousness. Just like the modern hippie, the green herb has also earned an updated outlook in the new millennium. As stated in the article “More than Marijuana” in Modern Hippie Mag:

There is also a lot more to the cannabis plant than just getting high.

Prior to the ostracizing of cannabis in the 1930’s, this plant was a mainstay in American society. In fact

It is the most versatile and sustainable plant on the planet, bar none.

Cannabis can be used to produce fuel, and can eventually help eliminate our dependency on oil. It can also be used in the textile industry as fabric, but without the need for pesticides and herbicides needed when growing cotton. Among many other things, it can also be used to make paper. A paper that is stronger and more durable and we will no longer need to plow down our remaining forests for a disposable material.

Many people choose to ignore these facts; I myself didn’t even know this plant was so versatile prior to reading this article. We have been brainwashed into believing that marijuana is strictly for smoking, should we have realized its fantastic properties decades ago, we could have saved our planet from much of the devastation we have inflicted on it over the years.

The first step is always realization; and now that we have done that, there is still much debate over making it completely legal. Both those who promote marijuana usage and those who object are against its legalization for various reasons. But as the hippie has earned a new updated view by popular culture, I think in time marijuana will also earn a modern outlook. Once society accepts the many other properties of marijuana, besides just smoking, we will be using hemp fuel, wearing hemp clothes and writing on hemp paper. This will be a revolutionary moment in history, and it will also be the right step to help preserving our planet for future generations.


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  1. Backyard Gardener
    Oct 05, 2010 @ 18:51:23

    I have no problems with cannabis what-so-ever but I do know that marijuana plants are not sustainable. Sustainable plants are considered to leave little impact on the planet. Marijuana plants take light and LOTS of water, which isn’t sustainable. I do think it’s cool that marijuana can be used for many different things, besides smoking!


    • Apple Blossom
      Oct 05, 2010 @ 19:07:38

      Great point, I didn’t think of the sustainability factor! But when compared to other plants, like cotton for example which also takes water, light, herbicides and pesticides. Would marijuana be the better option? This is still up for debate, but thanks for bringing your point into question.


    • original old hippie
      Dec 10, 2010 @ 18:06:11

      you dummy – grow it outside – during WWII huge fields were planted near Liberty ,Mo. and was used to make rope for the war. It is completely sustainable – the only reason lights are used is because idiots in govt make it illegal to grow so people have to do it in closets! And the above mentioned fields have resisted every pesticide known to man as the govt has tried to eradicate the fields for decades with no success. How much more sustainable can you get?


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